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tv   Interview with Representative-elect Jodey Arrington R-TX  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 7:50pm-8:00pm EST

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and a sexual. that is the hardest part to help sanders to and why i am away i hope they feel that i am doing something big and important so we decided to rob the process we were probably start homeschooling the kids that way they can go back and forth with me they could be in washington before the weather is terrible they can go to format and we can go back and forth as we need to as a family. >> representative thank you for your time. >> the republican from texas representing the 19th district why did you decide to run for office but. >> file was very frustrated with the "state of the union" and i felt washington
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was broken and is functional and not solving the problems the racing. i have three young kids of five, three comity year-old and wanted to major they grow up in a strong and free america. to have experience serving with president bush i thought that would bode well for my district so uh combination of those seen to be bright and i prayed about it and i needed to do my part in service to country i am honored that i can. >> what redoing before quick spirit president of health care innovation company that owns a health system that was starting and growing telemedicine to bring
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specialty care to the up population center to their world communities through the partnerships like community hospitals. >> talk about your experience working for george w. bush. a great friend and mentor and a strong leader who has made a tremendous impression upon me as a young staffer who grew with 10 years of service with him as governor and president i was an adviser in the white house i was there 9/11 so they did impact me with my view of governing and leading he was a strong leader with national security. i think he and stood his first job was to keep the american people safe to
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project strength to exercise our military force responsibly kept the world more stable and the american people safer. that is something i talked about in the campaign to talk about george w. bush commander in chief compared to the last eight years with the obama. he is from midland texas that is the neighboring community with my district and actually ran for this seat the lead time he was be in a political race in 1978 for comparison interesting history there. but as governor was results oriented people don't remember but as speaker of the house and the lieutenant
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governor was a democrat dave met every week to laid out a plan to move forward to solve the problems than they did it. as a young impressionable guy to change the world i watched a guy work with people of all ideological persuasion across the aisle to do good by the people. the thing that was one regret to of his book that was the impression and influence upon me as a leader. >> so what was your position of advisement? >> on assembling the leadership team agriculture, energy, natural resources cyberbut the cabinet secretaries on the senate confirm political appointments and to meet
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with him every week to present those appointment options to minnesota and recommendations again intends texas for gubernatorial appointments the differences there is no cabinet form of government so it is as opposed to secretaries during that. >> did the former president did you any of vice on how to win the seat he lost? >> is best in vice was lead by example the what he did to impress upon me how one should lead and govern and approach public office. he had a tremendous regard for the office of the presidency.
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his dad said it is a noble calling. it is the greatest contribution to me and the fact he supported me financially meant a lot to me but he doesn't really do endorsements but we do consider that one and he has become more popular as time has gone by and history has proven his focus and his strong stance on postman 11 foreign policy was good for the world and america. but he is tremendously popular in his own backyard of west texas. it worked out for me but i am honored to serve with them and those u-shaped my career. >> what are your aspirations
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year washington quick. >> make a difference safer and stronger and more prosperous so my kids have an opportunity. when you take the pledge for this? i say my pledges to a pulled the constitution to live as best i can to my christian principles and my pledges to make decisions to make this country strong perform my children. >> will your family be joining you out here? >> ahab the young family that takes half a day to get back so while i will spend a lot of time in the district ado want to be unencumbered without responsibilities when i can go home to read
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them the story so we will try to make it as normal as possible in the understand we will make sacrifices but we are willing to make sacrifices to do this job by not willing to sacrifice my family for this job so we will find balance and it will take time to find the rhythm but i am so excited. since i was 16 and wanted to change the world i knew this was the arena and 20 years later i have the opportunity people say we're tired and business as usual we want to change the culture that is i i am here. >> thanks for talking to c-span
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